Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I Don't Know What to Say Right Now

These last few days, I've wanted to say something about what happened last Friday.  I'm angry, and sad, and scared, but I can't form a coherent thought.  Everything I start to write comes out as vitriol, knee-jerky reactions.  And there's enough knee-jerking going around.  I don't know enough about anything to speak intelligently on this, and I can say "it's awful" only so much.

I'm just a little burned out right now. I'll be back.  I'll be back soon, but right now, I just need a couple days of a break.  I think it's better that I just step back for a few days, rather than going off all wobbly, and unintentionally burning bridges.  Heaven knows we all need all the friends we can get right now.

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