Sunday, September 30, 2012

Why "Sequential Vortex" Is So Apt

It started out with my daughter's closet.  Just earlier this week, I posted about how she hasn't been able to use the magnificent closet in her room because it's stuffed with my stuff, and today, my husband and I emptied the closet out completely (emptied it right into the room next door- the Room of Requirement, now more than ever!), and I cleaned the walls and vacuumed and mopped the closet floor, and hung up some of Zoe's outfits that have been tossed everywhere in her room.  It was a great feeling.

However, in the midst of getting Zoe's closet all emptied of stuff I need to sort and send on its way, my husband and I realized just how sad and pathetic our own closets are.  I suggested that we just get a closet designer to help us make the most of the space we have in our sad little Victorian-house closets.  He mentioned something about adding on to the house to make our bedroom, master bath, and closets bigger, and having a really good wood milling place replicate more of our fancy Victorian trim- after all, as he said "we had the porches put on, and with the trim, they look like they were always here!" 

He's right about that.  But porches and gingerbready trim are one thing to get right.  It's another thing to get an addition onto what I think is already a perfectly-shaped house, without it looking like a nesting box stuck to the side of a parakeet cage. 

I want a better closet more than anybody, but I think messing with the footprint of the house would take away from it.  So I suggested making the space between our bedroom and the door to the master bath a sort of "walk-through" closet.  And then, when I went into the room to see just how little space we really have to do something like that with, I mentioned that we could finish off the part of the attic that's directly above our bedroom, and make a really nice little entry area at the top of the stairs in the attic, then have a really big closet in that part of the attic.  It wouldn't be something we'd access every single day, but it'd use some of our attic space that right now is just a dumping ground.

So we'll have to see.  What started out as a simple project to get Zoe's closet cleared out of my stuff and her stuff moved in has opened the discussion for add-ons, renovations, closet designers.... This is a sequential vortex in action.  It'll be interesting to see where it takes us!

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