Sunday, May 26, 2013

It's Memorial Day...Have A Good Weekend

I never know what to say about Memorial Day. "Happy Memorial Day" isn't really appropriate, but just saying to a Veteran, "have a good weekend" doesn't convey it, either. 

Pictures I took at the USS Arizona Memorial
This is what I mean, though, whenever I do slip and say "Happy Memorial Day:" Thank you. Thank you for going to Hell for our country. I regret the times in our history that we haven't been a grateful nation. Unless we were where you went, we can't fathom what it was like for you. You lost friends and even pieces of yourself, sometimes pieces that can be seen, but more so, pieces that never could be seen, only felt. If you're here to remember, you returned home changed forever. You made a sacrifice. So this holiday weekend, I hope that during the remembering and the tears, there is a ray of happiness for you, a stray memory of one who didn't come home that always makes you grin. That's them, coming to tap you on the shoulder from the Other Side. I wish you healing this weekend, even if it's just something small. And for the rest if us who didn't go where our Veterans have gone, let's do pause and thank them and remember with them, and be there for them. Without the sacrifices each of them have made, we would have much more than our First World Problems to contend with.

But all that is far from concise. So. It's Memorial Day. Have a good weekend. ((((Hugs))))

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