Friday, July 3, 2020


Listen, Journal- You're really asking some heavy questions lately!
I've never been one much for journaling, especially not the guided-journal variety.  Weird, I know.  But recently I got my hands on a Mindset journal from a Facebook Ad, and I look forward to working on my journal pages every day.

The other day, the Big Question of the Day was "How do you want to be remembered?  Why do you want this to be your legacy?"

The three things I chose were: 
My Sense of Humor
My Wisdom
My Heart

I want my Sense of humor to be part of my legacy because I think it's a great gift to be able to find the humor and laugh, and I think it is an even greater gift to lead the others to the laughter, especially in times of darkness and tense moments.  

I know the Wisdom is a weird bounce for me, given my propensity for negative self-talk.  But the thing of it is, I've learned a lot of lessons, and I've learned a lot of them the hard way.  I like to pass those lessons on, and if I can do that, at least those lessons could go on.  

And I want to be remembered for my Heart.  I love hard.  I laugh loud.  I worry about the people I love.  When I cry, it comes from my soul.  Sometimes, I love that I have a big heart on my sleeve, and others, I hate it.  But it's what I have.  Everything I do, whether it's perceived as good, bad, or indifferent, my heart was in the right place, and it was all in.  

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