Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Little Plastic Pumpkin

Zoe and my little plastic pumpkin.
Happy Halloween!

When I was a little kid, I had this little plastic pumpkin.  It had a jack-o-lantern face carved into one side, and it was heavy in my hand.  It always reminded me of a supersized Brach's Mellocreme Pumpkin.  Brach's Mellocreme Pumpkins were a staple around our house, and up to Aunt Flossie and Uncle Al's.  I loved those Mellocreme Pumpkins because they tasted like candy corn, but were good for at least two bites.

This little plastic pumpkin, too, was a Halloween staple for as far back as I can remember, back when I was a tiny pre-schooler.  Nobody remembers where it came from.  It has "Hallmark" on the bottom, so it's obviously from the greeting card mother ship.  But as for how I came into it, I can't remember (which is rare for me), and neither can my mom.

I'd forgotten all about the little plastic pumpkin.  Haven't seen it for years.  Then one day last week, when Zoe was staying at my parents' while we were getting the new carpet put in, the little plastic pumpkin turned up.  Whenever Zoe's at my parents' now, she finds that little plastic pumpkin.  It fits right in the palm of her hand, and she carries it around everywhere, like it's a piece of gold. 

Zoe has lots of toys, both here and at my parents' house.  She even has toys that are worlds flashier than the little plastic pumpkin.  But it still makes me smile whenever I see her carrying around that blast from the past. 

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